In his dream, he saw her dancing across ocean waves, drifting sedately over summer fields, and chasing dandelion fluff and hummingbird songs among the starlight morning glories.

In awe of her beauty and graceful dance with the clouds in blue summer skies, his heart ached to find her. He felt unworthy as he lay in a listless slumber for many years. And he could almost hear her name being whispered in the beating dragonfly wings and soft candle flames in his lucid dreams.

The faintest whisper on zephyrs and the murmur of small brooks. In his dreams, her name drifted to his ears as delicately as the kiss of the blue damselfly, “Islanna,” “Islanna,” then silenced with the dawn.

As she spun cocoons and chrysalis with moths and butterflies, she felt his presence. As he died, his face and clear blue eyes became a drifting apparition in search of love’s salvation. His loneliness and heartache for her love echoed through the moonless nights. Then, as twinkling starlight, it touched her heart and soul.

Her fierce unconditional love was the only gift she could give, love without question or complaint. All true love can manifest and rise to become the purest form of heart and soul devotion. She would give this gift of her heart without remorse or restraint in order to alleviate the immense sadness that filled his heart and soul.

She stood at the edge of his dreams, calling to him softly and gently. In the swirls and eddies of his waking dreams, an enticing velvet whisper carried. He saw her opalescent beauty in the vast stillness of eternity and extended his hand to her.

As their fingers finally touched, it was an eternal moment, frozen and sublime. And in that moment, his life was extinguished and faded into nothingness, his fondest wish fulfilled, in the act of complete surrender to the single end of love everlasting, until and beyond the end of time.

Her single tear became the soft tinkling of shattered dreams scattered across spring meadows to become morning dew. She hid her despair and joy in this, allowing them to fade into the dawn, filling each broken heart with everlasting hope, proving that true love is more than a myth, and never giving up hope.