Episode one


Gmt 9:45 am, accra – Ghana.

I slept late yesterday due to the stress and workload of jobs at the office, there were documents to piled up, reviews to be made, supervision of contracts, meetings to be scheduled and account review of the great ALLTIG COMPANY. The loud sound of the irresistible alarm and the tick tock of my wall clock had brought me out of my dream land as I had slept tiredly on empty stomach last night.

I could recall the echoes of my name all over the walls and buildings of the company. My boss is a no play during work man and can fire any employees as he wishes, I hissed and got up lazily and tiredly from bed when its struck me that I’m late for the early scheduled meeting with the board of directors at 9am and a meeting with the bank manager of CAl bank, Accra- Ghana at 10am over the company account review and the stipulation of the new adopted policy of the company by the C.E.O. I quickly ran into the washroom, had a quick wash and in few minutes was on my way to the bank as it was unnecessary to go to the office to meet the angry shout of my boss.

Time checked, 10:17 am, I still was at the road side looking for a cab all because my vehicle was faulty and wasn’t fixed out yet. At exact 10:28am, I luckily got one, had a quick description of the bank to the cab driver and in few minutes was on the way when suddenly a black Range Rover car over took us speedily, almost colliding and causing an accident that if not of the driver skill  in driving, the cab could have somersaults or cause a fatal accident for the cars behind us. There were several horns and curses from other motorists towards the driver who seemed not concerned for his mistake but zoom off.

I finally got to the bank, paid off the cab driver when I equally felt a deep hunger within me with my worms calling out for food, remembering I went to bed tiredly without eating yesterday. I quickly went to the security at the bank entrance for the description on where a fast food was, went over and filled my worms with food. At exact 11:21 am, my phone rang, I took it to check the caller and realized my boss was calling, I couldn’t pick but rushed into the bank to see the bank manager.

We were still on the account review when I suddenly felt the urge to visit the washroom again, I quickly took permission from the bank manager who immediately excused me while I rushed to the restroom, singing I’m alive song by Celine Dion

I get wings to fly
Oh, I’m alive
When you call on me
When I hear your breath
I …………..

Arrghhh !! A loud sound was heard from the main hall, my hears couldn’t have deceive me that was a gunshot, arghhh…….. The sound was obvious this time, with different screams from the front hall as it now occurred to me the bank is under the control of armed robber’s, fear gripped my heart as I quickly remember how my mother died, panic gripped me the moment I dashed out of the restroom, not knowing where to run to, I quickly brought out my phone, dialing the general police emergency line when I collide with something hard and fell off the ground with my phone and an object like a mask, agitated as I look, I stared up at the figure that had cause my fall while the figure also stare at me without bothering to take back the mask that fell from him, behold, he was a tall handsome muscular man, its could be seen vividly that he visit the exercise zone frequently with his packed muscular body and about 7’0″ in height. I was still lost in thought in my calculations when another masked man shouted “what the f….k are you doing?

She has  f…..cking seen your face” and brought out a gun, before I can say “Lo” , two straight bullet hit me.

My name is Jane Davis and this is the beginning of my life. Wondering if I’m at heaven or still on earth when I was shot? Then read on !!!!

To be continued………….