phone conversation:

Doctor-   according to passers-by who seem to have witness the scene said a man in a black range rover car brought her into the hospital for treatment, as he disappeared whilst the nurse was attending to her at the Lab. He was questioned by the security guard on post who was suspicious when he sight the uneasiness of the man, he said the man didn’t reply any of his questions while he entered his car and zoomed off but was quick to take down the plate number of the car he came with.

Mr Davis William-    alright doctor, how is she now? Jane is all I have ever since her mother died, anything wrong with Jane means my life and everything in it crash.

“The man was sober and terrified, the fear of losing his only daughter weaken his soul, he had decided to take the next available flight to Ghana the following day.”

Doctor- please do calm down mr. William, we never knew she was a daughter of yours when the  strange man dropped her until her identity card was found in her front jacket pocket, but be rest assured as we’ve carried out an operation to remove the bullet from her body system, be rest assured she will be fine. “The doctor added confidently.
The man feeling a bit relieved thank the doctor and promised to give whatever its takes just to make sure his daughter is save.


Flashback, 11:40am accra Ghana.

She has f…cking seen your face, he brought out a gun and shoot twice…………..

Why and what do you do that for? I told you before this operation of no killing policy, why the f…..k do you just do that?
Common Kingsley, she has seen your face when your mask fell off, that could serve as problem for you and the entire group and we cannot afford that to happen. “The shooter said with his broad voice”.

Kingsley- what the hell are you telling me? You disobeyed my order and here you are telling me pranks. I will show you what happens when orders are not obeyed.

Kingsley immediately and angrily point his gun towards him but was surprised to see G.B pointing his gun on him too

G.B- let settle this for all Kingsley, you have always stands as a problem to me and the progress of the  Brotherhood, you never let me have my say, you talk as if you are the first K in this hood, let’s settle this before the leader returns.

Suddenly they heard shout of their other men calling out the presence of the police, the two men stared at each other few seconds before G.B quickly dashed out into the main hall while Kingsley bend to carry Jane Davis away though he could hear the close sirens of the police.

He and G.B had been a heated rivalry since Kingsley joined the Brotherhood, he was promoted to a sectorial second in command leader in the third K hood while G.B was the chief captain guardian of the hood. The two had always argued and fought over issues and affairs of the brothers, G.B see Kingsley as a dictator that shouldn’t be followed whist Kingsley sees G.B as a supplemental and a failure.

Unknown to them, Jane’s phone was still active before the phone fell off from her and the police had listened to their heated conversation when they were repeating hello’s without a response, which made them realise there was an on-going robbery by the terrorist that has seen fit to be invincible all over the country, rushing down to the bank to bring them down.

The police were fast meeting the robbers driving furiously away while they gave a chase. Kingsley got out of the bank premises carrying Jane’s almost lifeless body, he discovered the range rover they had earlier came with was still intact, he looked around carefully,  the other brothers who ran had taken another near car when they realised the police will meet them with the stipulated distance. He quickly carried Jane at the back seat of the car and dashed into the front seat, but unfortunate for him, another set of police arrived, affirm him as they engaged in a gun battle.

He stepped out of the car immediatly and hide beside a toyota car as the police shoot randomly, soon, he was able to calculate the distance between the range of the police shooting and suddenly shot the two policemen dead with a straight bullet ( he had  been taught the direct moves of controlling the stipulated distance between opponent and themselves at the  Brotherhood camp). He quickly entered the car he had earlier carried Jane in, turn on the car engine and zoomed off but unluckily for him, a bullet hit him squarely at the back as he drive furiously not minding the speed, quickly out of the bank premises.

To be continued……………….